Jimmy Graham dunks in Pro Bowl

ByJeff Legwold ESPN logo
Monday, January 26, 2015

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- If it were a regular-season game New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham would be digging into his wallet in coming days for his touchdown celebration Sunday night at the Pro Bowl.

Graham, playing for Team Irvin, caught a 6-yard touchdown pass from Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford with 9 minutes, 51 seconds left in the second quarter.

Graham, after he snagged the ball in the back right corner of the endzone, jogged down the endline and dunked over the crossbar.

He then dunked the ball over the goal post a second time after making a one-yard touchdown reception from Matt Ryan in the fourth quarter.

While under league rules Graham would technically be subject to a fine for dunking over the crossbar in the Pro Bowl, as he would be in the regular season, it is unclear if the league would fine Graham for pulling off the celebration in the Pro Bowl.

Graham's celebration was outlawed by the NFL this past offseason, categorized with other taunting penalties in which the ball is used as a "prop."

The league's competition committee specifically addressed the celebration this past offseason after Graham had knocked goal-posts ajar on two separate occasions.

Graham was also fined $30,000 this past August for twice dunking over the goal post during a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

Under the league's fine schedule for unsportsmanlike penalties, players can be fined $11,025 for their first offense and $22,050 for their second offense.

ESPN.com Saints reporter Mike Triplett contributed to this report.

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