Kevin Durant welcomes Nick Young by tweeting celebration photo after 3-point miss ESPN logo
Thursday, July 6, 2017

NBA free agency is in full swing and offering many surprises, includingNick Young's movenorth to join the dominant Golden State Warriors squad.

The team welcomed the formerLos Angeles Lakersswingman with open arms quite literally. Kevin Durant posted a photo of Swaggy P with open arms, walking off after taking a 3-point shot.

For many this is just a great photo, which it is, but there's a little background that goes with it. Those of you with a keen eye or memory will remember this photo is missing the real story. Young pulled up for the 3, walked off and started celebrating, as shown in the picture.

Only thing is:The shot didn't go in.

So, yes, Durant is welcoming the Lakers hotshot to the Warriors, but couldn't help poking a little fun at their newest pledge.

-- Courtney Schellin