Kings play prank on Lakers fans, ask about rookies that don't exist ESPN logo
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lonzo Ball was the star of summer league, as evidenced by his MVP performance that helped theLos Angeles Lakerswin the Las Vegas Summer League title, but he isn't the only purple and gold rookie making headwinds.

There are also rookies Shawn Carter and Ned Stark, both of whom are showing their skills on the court.


We all know that Lakers fans are fiercely loyal, but the Sacramento Kings pulled a fast one on them, asking them what they think about Carter and Stark, who don't exist.

The Kings may have stumped Lakers fans this time, but by the looks of Ball in the summer league, perhaps the Lakers will get the last laugh. In retaliation, maybe the Lakers video department can bring back old footage of the last Sacramento Kings championship.

That one might take a while to find.

- John Silver