Rams super fans get VIP treatment in London to watch Rams, Giants game

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Rams super fan Alysha Del Valle went out to London with a local couple to watch the Los Angeles Rams battle it out against the New York Giants.

Mando Rojas, of Crestline, said he was focused when he played darts against two other finalists for the "Rams Primetime Saturday" giveaway to London.

He and his wife, Sue Ellen, got the VIP treatment at Los Angeles International Airport thanks to American Airlines. They flew in style in the airlines' business class section, enjoying reclining chairs and good food.

When they arrived in London, they went sightseeing for a few days and then headed off to see their favorite team duke it out. After the whirlwind vacation, they headed back home to tell everyone about their amazing experience.

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