Rougned Odor paid autograph session gets called off

ByDarren Rovell ESPN logo
Saturday, May 21, 2016

A memorabilia store manager had to cancel an autograph signing byTexas Rangers second basemanRougned Odor after "it got too big, too fast."

Store manager Brett Kravitz told ESPN on Saturday afternoon that the June 4 event, in which Odor would sign photos of his punch toJose Bautista'sfacefor a premium, would no longer take place. Odor's representatives expressed that the timing of the event wasn't good, considering that Odor is still appealing his eight-game suspensionfor his role in the fight.

The event was to take place at Field of Dreams in Frisco, Texas, and the store was going to charge $59 for Odor to sign any photo that didn't depict the punch to Bautista's face. Photos of the punch, however, would have cost $99.

Kravitz said two inscriptions Odor might have signed were "Don't Mess With Texas," a popular inscription on the famous Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura punch photo from 1993, and "Bat Flip Will Get You A Fat Lip," a reference to Bautista's famous bat flip last season.

Earlier Saturday, Kravitz said he was optimistic that he could sell all 500 autographs and believed 95 percent of the purchases would be fight related.

Though the autograph signing has been canceled, Odor still can capitalize on his fisticuffs with Bautista. A Fort Worth-based BBQ place alreadyoffered him free food for life.

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