Squabisch Bakery serves German pretzels with a Californian twist

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Monday, February 28, 2022
People can't get enough of these popular pretzels
The line for this pretzel shop twists all the way around the block.

BEREKELY, Calif. -- What do you get when you stuff traditional German pretzels with California cuisine? A treat that hundreds will line up to try.

In fact, the line for Squabisch Pretzels twists all the way around the block.

"From the very beginning, there was a lot of interest just because it was kind of a unique take on pretzels," said co-founder of Squabisch Pretzels Uli Elser.

Opening their shop during the pandemic, Elser and co-founder Sabine Herrmann handmake pretzels using a time-honored, family recipe.

"The German pretzel that Uli makes has a really thick part on the bottom, so it invites you to put something in it," explained Herrmann.

The founding duo stuffs the pretzels with anything from bratwurst to chocolate. When you visit, choose from an array of classic flavors, like jalapeño and cheddar cheese, and experimental creations, like dulce de leche with Maldon salt.

Plus, every week customers can select from a surprise list of menu offerings. The ever-changing options keep customers coming back for more.

"Every Wednesday, we put up a new menu online and hanging in the window," described Elser. "A lot of people like trying five or six different varieties."

For more information on Squabisch Pretzels, visit here and follow @Squabisch on Instagram.