'Station 19' star Jason George pays tribute to first responders, talks shooting new season

"Station 19" actor Jason George pays tribute to first responders, talks shooting the new season amid wildfires and COVID-19 protocols.
HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- "Station 19" actor Jason George took some time out of his schedule to take part in ABC's "Day of Giving" with the Red Cross because the event has special meaning for him.

"We send our hearts and love to all the firefighters who are taking care of us," said George.

George and his fellow cast members from ABC's drama series may play first responders on TV, but in real life, they have nothing but the utmost respect for their real-life counterparts. George also knows how much helping the Red Cross can help others who are in crisis.

"Just $5, when you multiply it by every person whose eyeballs are watching this right now, becomes millions of dollars," said George. "It means that hundreds of families get to eat; hundreds of families get to enjoy shelter for the night, you know, kids with blankets to sleep under when they've lost everything. I feel like the Red Cross does that for kids, for grown-ups, they give everybody something to hold on to. Just to get you through so you can finally start rebuilding your life a little bit."

"Station 19" is back in production for a new season. Their team is abiding by strict COVID-19 protocols. One thing they weren't planning on: Southern California wildfires.

"We actually had to shut down production," said George. "We're doing a little bit more outside, our first couple of episodes have more outside scenes, and we had to shut down because the air quality was too bad. This season, given that the whole world is sitting darkness and feeling isolated, I think there's going to be a lot more joy and humor in this season, so I think people can look forward to that."

"Station 19" returns to ABC on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. It will be followed by the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy."
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