Creative ways to watch sugar during the holidays

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Creative ways to watch sugar during the holidays
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From parents to experts, many are looking to cut the sugar overload that the holidays bring.

This is the time of year where the rules seem to go out the window when it comes to food. But some, like Paddy Spence, have creative solutions.

"My wife and I went off sugar 17 years ago. We increasingly incorporated low sugar and sugar-free options into our diet," said Spence.

His idea is great, but he also has young children who don't always embrace that concept.

"It's about finding things that kids like that are also lower in sugar. Sometimes that's familiar favorites like yogurt or ice cream -- they just happen to be low sugar versions," Spence said.

Spence offers a variety of snack options for his kids making sure first and foremost there are good protein options.

"Protein was really the only thing for us that would kill the craving. We've noticed when the kids eat high-protein foods for snacks, they have much less desire for sugar," Spence said.

One of the sneakiest spots for sugar, however, is in your glass.

Did you know the number one source of sugar comes from beverages? Colas, cocktails, eggnog, wine: It can add up.

Certified nutritionist Phil Dozois is also a gym owner who sees many making the same old seasonal mistakes.

"I wrote a blog that said the 10 ways to get completely out of shape as quickly as possible during the holidays," said Dozois.

His tongue-in-cheek check list hits home for many. He'd like people to do the opposite of these:

"Go to a Christmas party really hungry. Any candy that you're given make sure you completely eat all of it. Don't go to the gym. Why? You'll start in January," he said jokingly.

Beware of common traps like pairing eating with things like shopping or watching TV.

"Sit down and eat. Have a little communication face-to-face. Slow down the whole process," said Dozois.