UCLA teams up with IMPACT Melanoma to create 50 free sunscreen stations from Santa Monica to Malibu

Friday, July 27, 2018
UCLA teams up with IMPACT Melanoma to bring free sunscreen to LA beaches
UCLA teamed up with IMPACT Melanoma to establish 50 sunscreen stations from Santa Monica to Malibu.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- North Carolina visitors were impressed by the Southern California sunshine, but also happy to discover a new attraction at the Santa Monica Pier.

But it's not a new ride - it's a sunscreen kiosk.

"We hope to cover the world in sunscreen," said Alex Beck, of Brightguard.

Brightguard teamed up with UCLA Health and IMPACT Melanoma to install sunscreen dispensers, protecting beachgoers from damaging UV and UVA rays.

Beck said there should be 50 sunscreen stations up and down the coast from Malibu to Santa Monica and they're absolutely free.

The super convenient sunscreen kiosks make UCLA Dermatologist Dr. Emily Newsom very happy.

"About one in five Americans will get skin cancer by the time they reach age 70," she said.

Sigve Svenkerud is one of those people. He was diagnosed with melanoma recently, and while he uses sunscreen, he admits he's not always consistent.

"The reason why I might not use sunscreen is because I can't find it or I left it in another car," the Toluca Lake resident said.

That's part of the reasoning behind placing the kiosks in such a popular location like the beach. The formula is mineral based with zinc and titanium, and chemical free.

Newsom said slather up, look for a broad spectrum sunscreen and one with at least a 30 SPF. Apply it well and often, especially if you hit the water.

"You have to reapply every two to three hours. For men they forget the top of their head, the ear the neck. Women I feel like we forget our chest and we all forget our forearms while we're driving," Newsom said.

The sun safety kiosks will be around until October.