Tips on how to keep stress levels low during the holidays

The holiday season brings joy, but it can also bring on a lot of stress, and when you add family dynamics to the mix - stress levels go even higher.

But we've got some expert tips to help keep conflicts at bay.

Debbie Green loves her Thanksgiving get-togethers, but she knows little things she says to her kids can ruin the holiday.

"I think I might stress my daughters out. I think I do," Green said. "Sometimes I don't have a filter. And so it's like, 'are you going to wear that?'"

Author and life coach Diane Altomare said relationship dynamics can come into play. She adds arguments over where to hold the celebration often arise from years of resentment between loved ones.

"All those old hurts are coming back," Altomare said.

Many times people misconstrue what an argument is really about. It's not about where to place the center piece or where to seat people, but experts say it's often something more deep-seated than that.

"We really have the opportunity during this time to look at what is resurfacing," Altomare said.

Her advice: don't react from a place of hurt, rather take the opportunity to see it from their point of view and try to say something that will bring you closer together.

"It doesn't mean that they're right and you're wrong, but just to honor that experience and then share something that is loving or compassionate," Altomare said.

She recommends having a positive mindset before the party and consciously try to bring love and respect to everything you do and say.

When talk of politics comes up - be compassionate and remember what the holiday is about: thankfulness.

"There is so much for us to be grateful for. And when we're picking out something that didn't work out perfectly, we have lost focus of gratitude," Altomare said.
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