Colton stolen away by same woman 4 times on night 1 of "The Bachelor"

ByJennifer Matarese KABC logo
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NEW YORK -- Season 23 of The Bachelor begins by introducing us to a few of the 30 women competing for Colton Underwood's heart.

Cassie is first out of the gate and she's rocking a bikini and wetsuit, surfing big waves in Huntington Beach, California. But there's more to this gal than her love of water, she also teaches speech pathology and is a graduate student. Cassie loves helping children learn how to communicate better. She's looking forward to Colton being "The Bachelor" and she's hoping to be the last woman standing (aren't they all?)

Alabama Hannah (Hannah B.) is up next with her southern accent. This 23-year-old is the reigning Miss Alabama 2018. I'm surprised the state allows her to be on the show! Hannah talked about how she loves to give autographs and that she's a celebrity throughout the state. She calls herself "the conductor of the hot mess express," yet she seems like anything but. Hannah revealed that she's only kissed four guys, she's not a virgin like Colton, but she thinks sex is a big deal and she finds his virginity very appealing.

Katie is 26 and from the east coast, but she now lives in Los Angeles because she loves to dance. It's a bit confusing because her title is listed as a medical sales representative. So, where she dances, is a bit unknown. She works out big time at the gym and loves that Colton is athletic.

Heather is 22 and raised in California. Her tagline says "never been kissed." What?! She also revealed that she met Colton and posed with a picture with him at his charity event in San Francisco. She wants to have her first kiss with Colton and regularly practices on their photo...

24-year-old Onyekachukwu Ehie lives in Dallas. She comes from a Nigerian family and works as an IT risk consultant. She's a bit loud and obnoxious and calls herself a lot to handle. She comes from a very nice family. They don't mind quick relationships because her parents only dated for two weeks before getting married.

Nicole is 25 and lives in Miami. She's sick of hooking up and is looking for the real deal. Her brother AJ has autism and she says that he's part of her package deal for whomever she ends up dating.

Kirpa is a 26-year-old dental hygienist in Whittier, California. She says it would be a good experience to clean Colton's teeth...gross. She joked that cleaning his teeth is as close as anyone can get to him right now so, "I'll take it."

Demi is 23 and reminiscent of Tia. She's from Red Oak, Texas, and boy is she a country girl. She lives with her dad and her stepmom because her mother lives in prison. She is in there because of embezzlement and is due to get out soon. The next time Demi sees her mother could be with Colton.

Meantime, Colton is showering outdoors. He's 26 and ready to find love. Cue the montage of Colton working out and showing off his muscles. Dude is ripped. He's also super nervous. He talked about how he grew up very conservative and was a bit overweight. He said that he had no confidence until he started playing football and excelling later in high school. Now he wants someone to share his amazing life with.

He said that he was ready for the next step with Becca, and was ready to lose his virginity to her, but Becca chose to eliminate him instead. Colton said he was truly devastated by their breakup. He says he's over it, and ready to find his true love. He knows what he's looking for.

Chris Harrison had a one-on-one conversation with Colton about why he's The Bachelor. He said that he's ready for this and that he's not doing it for the fans he's really doing it to find love. They talked about the negative comments from fans and one being that he "wasn't a man" because he was a virgin. That's just ridiculous, can we agree? Colton said that was his biggest fear, that someone would say that to him, and then they actually did. He said all he's waiting for is someone that he's in love with, he's not waiting for marriage. Colton wonders if he'll experience "love at first sight" on night one, but he said he almost doesn't want that because he'd like to explore each individual relationship.

Without further ado, it was time for Colton to meet the women and welcome them to the Bachelor mansion. Let's break down the intros:

1) Demi, 23, from TX, was out first in her beautiful yellow dress. Colton complimented it and she said, "Oh thank you, banana yellow." It was all cute until she opened her mouth and said, "So, I haven't dated a virgin since I was 12, but I'm excited to give it another shot." He was gracious and after she walked away he said, "Oh boy, I'm in trouble." Something tells me this isn't the girl for him and he's already feeling the pressure just one girl in.

2) Tayshia, 28, is a phlebotomist from CA. She came out of the limo and talked about how nervous she was. Then she said that the one thing she knows about him is that he has a big heart and he loves to help kids and so does she. Wonderful! She seems sweet.

3) Never been kissed Heather, 23 from CA, was out next and she told him that he is incredibly rare and she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him.

4) Nicole, a 25-year-old who works doing social media in Miami, introduced herself in Spanish and said that half of her heart is in Havana, but hopefully, the other half is with Colton.

5) We've got another beauty queen on our hands. Miss North Carolina 2018 Caelynn, 23, who had a special sash made for the occasion. She told Colton that she's there to win an even more important title and she switched her sash to read "Miss Underwood." As she walked away, Colton said, "She's gorgeous."

6) 27-year-old Sydney is an NBA dancer from New York City. No pressure, but she quit her job to date Colton on the show. He talked about how he's a terrible dancer and she promised to teach him.

7) Elyse is one of the rare women in her 30's on the show. She's 31 and a makeup artist from Alaska. She said she's nervous and he tried to reassure her and sent her in the house. There wasn't much to this one.

8) Tahzjuan, 25, is a business development associate from Colorado. She talked about how her name is hard to pronounce and tried to make it fun for him. I'm not sure he got it.

9) Cassie, our speech pathologist from CA, was out next and she brought a box with her. She said she was so nervous and had a lot of butterflies and she meant it. The box was full of plastic butterflies. Colton said, "No more butterflies" and dumped them on the ground. Nice. He liked her introduction a lot though. He said, "That was awesome." Then he picked one up and put it in his pocket! OMG. He wants to remember her...

10) Kirpa the dental hygienist made her appearance in a sparkly purple gown. She told him that she's excited to be there and glad that he's The Bachelor.

11) Caitlyn, a 25-year-old realtor from Toronto, came out of the limo with a red balloon. She handed it to Colton, popped the balloon and said, "Now that I've popped your cherry, we don't have to talk about virginity anymore." Colton said under his breath as she walked away, "I thought that was an apple," referring to the balloon.

12) Courtney is a 23-year-old caterer from Atlanta. She had him try a "sweet Georgia peach." She told him if he "wants more of that" to come find her inside. Yowza.

13) Katie the dancing medical sales rep did a card trick with Colton, where she told him that she just took his V card. This poor guy.

14) So if Colton wants to move slowly, he needs to look no further than Alex D., 23, from Boston. She was dressed up as a sloth. It was a super annoying introduction. She sounded ridiculous.

15) Onyeka with the long name was up next. She spent her time teaching him how to pronounce her name and he still couldn't do it right. So he said that they could work on it later.

16) Erika, is 25 and works as a recruiter in California. I love that her last name is McNutt. She brought him a big ol' bag of nuts. He opened them right away and said that anyone who brings him food wins him over.

17) Alabama Hannah (Miss Alabama 2018) was up next for her intro. Roll Tide! I like that she didn't bring up her pageantry in their initial meeting. Interestingly enough, she knows Miss North Carolina from the Miss USA pageant because Caelynn was 1st runner-up.

18) Cue the siren. A police car rolled in and Tracy a 31-year-old wardrobe stylist from California stepped out. She said that she was the fashion police and gave Colton a once-over. She said that she didn't have to arrest him, but gave him the handcuffs to hold on to!

19) Angelique, 28, a marketing salesperson from NJ, talked about her glittery dress just in time for a glitter dress montage of all of the women. There were a lot of women dressed in sparkles!

20) Devin is 23, and a broadcast journalist from Medford, Oregon. Colton complimented her rose-colored glittery dress. Another member of the sparkle squad.

21) Revian, a 24-year-old nurse from California, spoke Mandarin to Colton.

22) Nina also came out speaking a foreign language. She's 30 and a sales account manager from Raleigh, NC. She told Colton that her first language is Croatian.

23) Alex B., 29, came out with a sign that said she was sick but wouldn't miss being there for the world. She's from Vancouver. Colton decided to not worry about her germs and gave her a hug anyway. "Man, I wish I could have talked to her," he said. She appeared to have laryngitis. Maybe it's like an Ariel and Prince Eric type of thing going on between them.

24) Bri came in for a quick hug from Colton. He had to ask her what her name was and she almost seemed annoyed he asked! She's 23 and a model from California. She did a fake Australian accent and hoped it would help her stand out.

25) Laura is 26 and an accountant from Dallas. She talked about how it's the home of the Cowboys and they shared a quick hug. She had the exact same dress on as Heather - Never been kissed.

26) Hannah G. came out of the limo holding a shiny gold box with a red bow. She's 23 and a content creator from Alabama. She told him she got him his favorite brand of underwear and there was nothing inside the box. Oh she's saucy! He really liked it and thought she was gorgeous.

27) Colton quizzed Annie, a financial associate from New York City, 27, on the rules of football. They shared some laughs and a warm, friendly hug.

28) Jane is 26 and a social worker from West Hollywood. She walked up with a framed photoshopped picture of his dog and her dog together! He thought it was really fun.

29) Catherine showed up with her "daughter" a dog. She's 26 and a DJ in Fort Lauderdale. Lucy is a 10-year-old Pomeranian. She gave Colton Lucy to take care of and walked away. Chris Harrison came by to "dog sit" so he could finish the intros.

30) Last but certainly not least, Cinderella's carriage showed up. Side note McNutts said, "I really could have done a lot more than a bag of nuts!" Hilarious! Ok - back to Cinderella. Her real name is Erin. She's 28 and from Plano, TX. Of course, she's looking for her Prince Charming and she wants him to find her by the time the clock strikes midnight. She left her shoe behind to be accurate.

That's all of the women, they're in the house...together. They were all waiting for the drama to start and we all know that it usually doesn't take long. Colton thought that all of the women seemed very confident and he found that very attractive. Chris Harrison reminded him of the first impression rose as he headed in to face all of the women for the first time.

Colton gave a very heartfelt speech about how he's ready for this experience and how he was actually grateful for his heartbreak with Becca because it led him to that moment. When he mentioned that his wife might be in the room, he actually got choked up! Banana dress stole Colton away first. Demi is very bold and it seems like that's her personality. She does not have a lack of confidence, that's for sure.

McNutt stole him away next and flat out wanted to know why he's a virgin. He didn't skip a beat. He said that now that he's this far into his life, he doesn't want to lose it on a one-night stand. He wants to be with someone he loves. That is completely respectable!

Colton told Hannah G. that she stood out to him and she said that she was worried that she would just blend in. He assured her that she did not. They were holding hands the whole time, and they took three deep breaths together because they were so nervous. It's a trick from his mom. He looked like he might be leaning in for a kiss a bit, but she seemed too nervous to notice.

Miss North Carolina talked to Colton about her love of travel although she revealed she got dumped in Thailand. He joked that he got dumped before Thailand so they had something in common. They feel like they have a lot of life experience despite their young ages. Colton sealed the deal by telling her that she had beautiful eyes and then went in for the kiss. She was swept off her feet by his kiss!

Chris Harrison dropped off the first impression rose and the ladies went wild. The pressure was on!

A string quartet was playing outside and Sydney the NBA dancer told Colton that even though she gave up her dancing gig for him, she could still dance and teach him some moves. They waltzed and looked like a fairytale couple! He even dipped her at the end. Maybe he's not as bad at dancing as he thought he was. This could be his audition for "Dancing with the Stars."

The Alaskan makeup artist taught Colton how to fish. He caught a chunk of salmon in the swimming pool. Gross.

Tayshia set up "Tayshialand" for Colton to play some games like corn hole and take a pony ride. The pony ride was her riding piggyback on him. Meantime, the sloth climbed the tree. Eventually, Colton sat down with the sloth. She's actually stunning and Colton said that he respected how she stayed in character. Alex spoke very quickly and tried to give him as much info as she could in the short amount of time they had together. Very unslothlike.

Catherine, the dog mom, showed up and was like, "Hiiii, I'm amazing...." She reminds me a bit of Krystal from last season and Paradise. They both talked about how they love a good adventure, but Colton seemed happy when the fashion police lady stole him away. They worked on decorating some shoes together. But then, Catherine stole him back! They didn't even get to color their shoes! The other women who didn't have any time with Colton yet thought that Catherine was very rude.

It was hilarious! Onyeka stole him away from Catherine by wearing a snorkel and then blowing a whistle. She said, "I heard you were drowning in b******!" HA! He seemed to appreciate being rescued. We'll have to see if romance blooms between them, but if nothing, she seems like a fun gal to keep around.

Oh but Catherine is a force that cannot be stopped! She interrupted him again when he was with someone else! She must have finally had her fill of him, because she walked back into the house, "hiiiiiiiii" to the other ladies and Onyeka was not having it. She told Catherine that it wasn't cool of her to steal him three times and she told her that the other girls aren't happy about it and that she was coming off desperate. Catherine said that it was hilarious that she would call her desperate and that Colton is her priority, she really doesn't care what the other girls think. They ended it by saying, that they both were keeping it real.

Tahzjuan got some alone time with Colton. She gave him a little box with a piece of silver inside that said, "Find the Silver Lining." She thought it could help him when he has to make the really hard decisions on this journey. They were just starting to talk when Catherine popped in again! What the what?! Colton seemed exasperated! He said, "Fourth time is the charm?" Onyeka was super annoyed that she just doesn't get it. Courtney was upset that she hadn't had any time yet.

Cassie was up next for some alone time and she talked about how she's a speech pathologist and how she knows a bit of sign language. She taught him a sign that meant, "You're cute." She also taught him "rose" and "kiss." He said that he felt a bit smitten by some of the women there. I was a little surprised he didn't go in for a kiss when they were signing that!

Colton had a really great talk about family with Katie. She talked about how they needed to have their own interests and separate interests yet make time to do things together. She added that she's really excited that he's The Bachelor and then he kissed her! He told her that he was really glad she was there.

Time was growing short and Cinderella was worried that she was still walking around with one shoe, but she finally got her time. Also, Alabama Hannah got her chance. She had been waiting forever! They talked about their most scary moments and how much pressure they put on themselves and they seemed to have a lot in common. They decided to do a pinky promise to be honest whenever they chat with each other.

At long last, Colton picked up the first impression rose and decided to give it to Hannah G. Wow! He told her that she reminded him a lot of home and he found her refreshing. He thinks that her energy lifts him up. She happily accepted! They shared a romantic kiss and the other women were all a tiny bit heartbroken. With that, it was time for the first rose ceremony and nerves were at an all-time high.

Colton gave out roses to:

1) Hannah G. (First Impression Rose)

2) Caelyn (Miss North Carolina)

3) Katie (one of the kissers)

4) Alex B. (sick)

5) Hannah B. (Alabama Hannah)

6) Onyeka (drama)

7) Caitlyn (cherry popper)

8) Annie (our NYC gal)

9) Kirpa (she wants to work on his teeth)

10) Heather (Never Been Kissed)

11) Elyse (Alaskan Makeup Artist)

12) Tayshia (sweet and Tayshialand)

13) Courtney (peaches)

14) Cassie (butterflies)

15) Demi (banana yellow)

16) Nina (foreign language)

17) Erika (MCNUTTS!)

18) Sydney (former dancer)

19) Bri (Fake Aussie)

20) Angelique (glitter)

21) Tracy (Fashion Police)

22) Nicole (Miami)

23) Catherine (Man stealer x4)

You just knew he had to keep Catherine for the drama right? You could see all the ladies' faces fall as he said her name. Cinderella, sloth, silver lining, a journalist, and others were sent packing. Anyway, onto a preview of the rest of the season. It looks like Colton does a lot of kissing and a lot of women do whatever they can to get with him. Someone is a liar, other people want to go home, and someone doesn't want to get proposed to...yikes. There's a lot of ugly crying from Colton and the women this season!

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