'Bachelor' host Jesse Palmer previews hometown dates

Four women, four families, lots of big decisions for our Bachelor, Joey.

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Friday, March 1, 2024
'Bachelor' host Jesse Palmer previews hometown dates
The Bachelor' is headed to hometowns and host Jesse Palmer breaks down what's in store for Joey in the upcoming episode.

LOS ANGELES -- This Monday, "The Bachelor" is headed to hometowns and the stakes feel super high for Joey and the four remaining women.

On The Red Carpet recently spoke to "The Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer, who revealed why the hometown dates are such an important part of the journey to the final rose.

"You get to see a different side of someone. You get a chance to understand why they are the way they are because of the influence of those closest to them," Palmer said. "It's usually sort of just part of the process and I think that it's different this time."

Joey will visit the hometowns of Daisy, Kelsey A, Maria and Rachel, four very different women with different life stories and family dynamics.

"Certainly with Kelsey, she's opened up to him about the tragic passing of her mom and the influence that her father has been in her life, with her brothers and sisters," Palmer explained. "I think Joey is about to get a front row seat to that and really get to understand that side of Kelsey."

"I think with Daisy, obviously with her health struggles and how she's already told him how important it is for her to see there interaction before she can feel comfortable enough to say I love you," Palmer continued. "I think it's very important there's a lot of riding on the hometown coming up with Daisy and Joey as well."

The pressure has been on Maria through most of the season. She was the subject of some unnecessary drama and as we saw in this past episode, Maria had conflicting feelings about whether to even stay on the show. After some intense moments and final assurances, Joey gave her a rose and a hometown date.

"Maria and Joey have sort of hit a bumpy patch, we've seen the last couple of the last couple weeks now and so this is a critical time I think in their relationship as well," Palmer said.

As for Rachel, Palmer had this to say: "I think with Rachel it's a bit interesting with her background being from Hawaii and obviously Joe having spent a big part of his time there is well and being immersed in that culture a little bit too I think that could be interesting."

Will the families accept Joey? Will there be more drama ahead? Who will Joey choose to continue on this journey to love?

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