Lecy Goranson talks about Becky's struggles on 'The Conners'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Lecy Goranson talks about Becky's alcoholism on 'The Conners'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Lecy Goranson about Becky's new challenges on "The Conners."

NEW YORK -- "The Conners" star Lecy Goranson took some time to talk about her character Becky's struggles with alcoholism, which were recently addressed on the show.

"It's been so hard on all of us and Becky is no exception to that, Goranson said. "For someone who like many of us, I have a lot of people in my life who are really trying their best to hold it all together, but throw the pandemic in and things really get much more pressurized."

Viewers watched as, after years of sobriety, Becky drank a glass of wine while out to dinner with a longtime friend.


Jennifer Matarese interviews Lecy Goranson about her character Becky's struggles on ABC's "The Conners."

"I think what's so tragic about that is this childhood friend of hers, Mikey, who loves her and admires her, what could have been a really kind of honest meeting between them and a connection of being honest and truthful, you know Becky just couldn't get out of her shame of where their paths diverged and that's so sad. I feel like Mikey, if she would have been honest, this person who was her buddy would have still loved and supported her."

Goranson shared that she feels very connected to her character after playing her since the late 1980s, and after filming such emotional scenes, it did leave her feeling sad at times.

"Thank goodness it's a comedy also because I really needed some laughs," she said.

"I guess I don't realize all the time how connected I am to the character until something like this happens and I think 'Oh my gosh, can't Becky get a break?'" she said.

As season three heads to its conclusion, we'll see Becky deal with rehab despite being resistant.

"She came somewhat to terms with the fact that she needed help but this is a scary thing for her to deal with," Goranson said. "We'll see her really be strong, and by strong I mean, really coming to terms with what she's been covering."

Goranson also called getting to work with her talented costars like Laurie Metcalf (Jackie) and John Goodman (Dan) "a huge gift."

Despite the Conners being in the "school of hard knocks," Goranson says "there's still hope" and "they do get a little bit of a break." Longtime fans may remember when the family won the lottery back in the old show, but "no lottery...no lottery, yet," she joked.

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