'The Marvels' is a stunning sequel to the big and small screen

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Friday, November 10, 2023
'The Marvels' is a stunning sequel to the big and small screen
Sandy Kenyon has more on the new Marvels movie.

NEW YORK -- "The Marvels" live up to their name in a movie that proves the truth of the saying that "teamwork makes the dream work."

It is especially true given they must live through a nightmare.

The villainous "Dar Benn" uses newly acquired power to significantly disrupt the lives of a trio of characters: Carol Danvers AKA "Captain Marvel", a Jersey fan girl in New Jersey who worships her from afar, and the niece of Carol's pal from the first film.

All grown-up, Monica Rambeau, can manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum.

Captain Marvel is, of course, a superhero, and the teen who idolizes her, Kamala Khan, goes by "Ms. Marvel."

The three distinct characters are brought together when the villain starts messing with them in a fun way.

"She's entangled our light-based powers so we switch places whenever we use them," The "Annihilation" trailer explains.

That's how the fight against evil comes to suburban New Jersey.

This is both a sequel to the big screen hit from 2019 that also featured Samuel L. Jackson as "Nick Fury" and a continuation of the Disney+ TV shows "Wandavision" and "Ms. Marvel."

They may be reluctant partners at first, but their chemistry is compelling and lies at the heart of Brie Larsen's return as "Captain Marvel."

"Putting them together was really fun and figuring out they'd work as a team, which is something they do in the film was really great," said Nia Dacosta, director.

Add a cat with powers that are unusual and there's a lot to look at here!

"The Marvels" is in theaters now, from Disney, owned by the same parent company as ABC 7.