Trainers at Brentwood gym held accountable for clients' success

BRENTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A new gym with a new approach to personal training has arrived in Brentwood.

Trainers at Ultimate Performance are liable to lose their jobs if clients don't lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time.

Lawyer turned investment banker and now gym chain owner Nick Mitchell is the man responsible for creating the results-based performance measures.

"Any other gym that you walk into, especially in the United States, trainers are only judged on the sales that they do and the sessions that they deliver," Mitchell said.

Mitchell feels that model is flawed and he doesn't sugarcoat his message.

"They are still exchanging time for money on the gym floor," Mitchell said. "I want to give you a return on your investment. That's the key. I think most personal training is paid gym babysitting."

Thomas Haiman recently joined the gym, which has led to what he believes are impressive results.

"When you lose more than 40 pounds, more than 20 percent body fat in 16 weeks and no injury, I think that's also exceptional," the Santa Monica resident said.

Mitchell has incorporated a sophisticated computerized program that measures circumference to body fat.
A social media "before and after" photo campaign is also helping drive business, according to Mitchell.

Clients are expected to maintain their end of the bargain by committing to a four-month investment that includes working out at least three to four times every week along with a substantial nutritional program.

The cost of sessions ranges from $140 to $300.
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