Rapper Travis Scott will not face charges in deadly Astroworld Festival concert surge

10 Astroworld victims died of compression asphyxia

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Thursday, June 29, 2023
No Astroworld charges, but 1,200-page report due about investigation
Police were unable to point at one thing for the cause of 10 festivalgoers' deaths in the Astroworld disaster, citing the complexity of the whole ordeal.

HOUSTON -- A grand jury spent the day considering possible criminal charges in the investigation into the Astroworld Festival disaster, which left 10 concertgoers dead. Ultimately, they returned six no bill decisions, meaning no criminal charges will be pursued.

More than 18 months after the deadly concert surge as Travis Scott performed at NRG Park on Nov. 5, 2021, no one has been held criminally responsible for the tragedy. A press conference is expected in the next hour or so.

Scott's attorney spoke with ABC Houston affiliate KTRK, saying, "It has just been confirmed to me that the grand jury no-billed Travis Scott, which is great relief to Travis. It's something we were hoping, something we expected based on lack of evidence."

"Everything was presented to the grand jury, and they found there was no criminal liability on Travis' part," he added.

HPD breaks down Astroworld investigation after no charges brought forth

The Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney's Office explain the steps in their Astroworld investigation shortly after a grand jury declined to criminally charge Travis Scott and five others.

The victims, with the youngest just 9 years old, all died of compression asphyxiation, the medical examiner ruled.

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Fans waited for months to see Travis Scott at Astroworld. But the concert turned into a deadly tragedy. "Astroworld Aftermath" shows you what really happened that night.

Schaffer said he feels sympathy for those who were killed at the festival and their families.

"But Travis is not responsible," Schaffer said. "Bringing criminal charges against him will not ease their pain."

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