USC's first female drum major talks about what it feels like to have made history

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For the first time in USC history, the Trojan Marching Band has named a female drum major.

India Anderson is a tuba player, and perhaps the definition of modest and humble.

"It's something I really wanted, I really love being a part of this band and doing all that I can for it," Anderson says.

The sophomore, soon to be junior, has been selected to lead the marching band for the 2019-2020 school year.

"A lot of anticipation, because a woman has never stabbed the field before, so I think that moment will be really great," Anderson says.

Fellow band mates we spoke to, including outgoing drum major Chris Rick, say his replacement is certainly the right pick.

"We do the process based on who deserves the job, and she went out there and proved in the final audition round that she, the band felt that she was most fit to be there and do the position," Rick said.

"She's been working hard, she's been working hard since last year... I've been there through the whole thing watching her progress and stuff," says bandmate Killian Mulrooney.

When asking Anderson why it's taken this long to have a woman lead the band, she says it's just statistics. She says not many women have tried, so it's about time.

For now, Anderson is focused on finishing her sophomore year, with her eyes on a busy summer playing on the Disney all-American College Band. She's also preparing herself for the first home game next fall, when USC hosts Fresno State.

"I'm excited to see what the season will hold, especially that first game, but looking to the rest of the whole season. I'm really excited," Anderson says.
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