How many COVID-19 vaccines have been given out in your state?

ByGrace Manthey KABC logo
Wednesday, June 2, 2021
To speed up vaccine access, UCSF doctor suggests single doses
As the new coronavirus variant spreads in the United Kingdom, health officials abroad have decided to extend the time between doses in order to vaccinate more people, more quickly. Now, doctors in the U.S. are discussing this, but not everyone agrees.

LOS ANGELES -- As COVID-19 vaccines are starting to be administered around the country and the world, we've built an interactive tool to help you find out how many vaccine doses have been distributed and administered in your state.

These numbers come from the CDC and are updated Monday-Friday. These counts may differ from individual state counts due to reporting lag.

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Experts say as much as 85% of the population will have to be inoculated to achieve "herd immunity" and vanquish the outbreak.

Many states are responding by throwing open the line to others and ramping up the pace of vaccinations, in some cases offering them 24-7.

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