'Vanderpump Villa' on Hulu follows chateau staff's romance, rivalries & more

ByJoelle Garguilo OTRC logo
Monday, April 1, 2024
'Vanderpump Villa' follows chateau staff's romance, rivalries & more
Joelle Garguilo interviews Lisa Vanderpump about about the new Hulu series "Vanderpump Villa."

NEW YORK -- Lisa Vanderpump has been part of some of the most talked about reality shows over the last decade - and now the former Real Housewife is taking her over-the-top taste overseas for a new series called "Vanderpump Villa."

The restaurateur-turned Real Housewife turned-reality TV mogul is taking her business abroad and expanding the Vanderpump universe.

"It was a dream of mine, it really was," Vanderpump said. "To own a chateau and to really indulge myself in this kind of fantasy, and to bring the show to fruition. It's been epic, really."

The premise is that Vanderpump hand-selected the staff who will work, live and play at Chateau Rosabelle.

"I think we had something like 5,000 people apply in the first couple of weeks," Vanderpump said.

While they work to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests, they also live and work together 24/7 - which sets the stage for rivalries, romance and everything in between.

"I think it's decadent, it's naughty, it's a lot of hard work that went into it, you know, picking up and moving to the other side of the world," Vanderpump said. "And everybody living on top of each other. And some people were on top of each other. But that goes without saying. But it was it was funny moments. And it was, I've never lived with my staff. So for me to be around them 24/7 was definitely an eye opening experience."

Vanderpump said despite the premise, this new show is nothing like "Vanderpump Rules" because it's much more immersive.

"I can't say it's escapism because it's you know, it's naughty and complicated," Vanderpump said. "It's not like just a dream for sure. But it's about people's different characters and how they react and, and the relationships between them but also the beauty of a chateau in the south of France should never be missed."

Vanderpump says when people hear her name, she wants them to associate it with attainable beauty and luxury.

"You know, you're not going in and it's $150 a head, that's not what my restaurants are about," she said. "They're about having a really good time enjoying that moment and seeing a visual feast as well as the piece that's on the plate."

The first three episodes of "Vanderpump Villa" are streaming now on Hulu, which is owned by the parent company of this station. New episodes will be released weekly.