Charming brunch restaurant evokes the whimsical spirit of a treehouse

ByJose Mayorquin Localish logo
Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Charming brunch spot evokes the whimsical spirit of a treehouse
Cafe on 27 offers a multi-sensory experience that allows guests to commune with nature and savor delicious food in a truly unique setting.

TOPANGA, Calif. -- Nestled amidst the trees of Topanga Canyon, Cafe on 27 offers a unique escape on an elevated deck providing diners with a front-row seat to the canyon's breathtaking beauty.

"I like the treehouse vibe," said guest Sara Mousaei. "It seems very authentic looking, and it just looks like this place was always here."

"It is an American diner with a 21st century, cosmopolitan touch," said Cafe on 27 owner Amir Rofougaran. "So it's welcoming of culture, which is an American tradition anyway."

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