Flocking Together: For The Love of Birds is saving lives, connecting people with companion birds

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Flocking Together: A New Jersey Bird Rescue is saving lives
Volunteers are the heart and soul of For The Love Of Birds, a bird rescue nonprofit in New Jersey

HOWELL, New Jersey -- For the Love of Birds New Jersey is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing companion birds and providing foster homes for adoption.

Their network of foster homes across the region acts as a bird rescue for abused, neglected, or unwanted companion birds.

They don't have a centralized location; instead, when they come across a chance to rescue a companion or exotic bird, they foster out a qualified private home until the bird is adopted.

They currently have 20 fosters across New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

These dedicated and passionate volunteers are bird lovers at heart and care for the animals, so they get adopted into the right forever homes.

Jody Sidote is fostering three at the moment.

"A lot of time, people want a bird but don't understand the work it entails," Sidote says. "If frightened they will bite, a lot of times they don't interact with the bird and they become a novelty. A lot of times those birds come to us we have to do a reset to make these birds adoptable."

By loving and spending time with a bird with abnormal socialization, they can rehab it into a pet any family can love.

For more information on adopting or fostering a companion bird, please visit https://fltob.rescuegroups.org.

And you can check out a current list of adoptable birds here.

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