Student captures the essence of Philadelphia's Chinese community with Chinatown Legacies book

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Student captures the essence of Philadelphia's Chinatown in new book
Student author, Melody Wang, released a book providing representation to the people that make Philadelphia's Chinatown so special

PHILADELPHIA -- Melody Wang is a student author who is devoted to capturing the essence of Philadelphia's Chinatown.

She photographs the city streets and the authentic lives of its residents in her new book: "Chinatown Legacies."

It is meant to put a spotlight on the brave immigrants who came to this country and made a life in America like her family did.

"My parents are actually first-generation immigrants. Something that my family personally struggled with was finding that coalition of people that really resonated with our stories, our struggles," said Wang. "We found that Chinatown was kind of like that slice of home for us that I really wanted to capture my roots and especially bring honor to my parents and their stories.

For more information on "Chinatown Legacies," check out their website:

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