Get schooled on shoes at Chicago's Sneakerhead University

ByBrianna Moreland, Jordan Arseneau Localish logo
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Get schooled on shoes at Chicago's Sneakerhead University
Step inside the ultimate sneakerhead experience! Learn about the history of shoes while creating a custom pair of your own.

CHICAGO -- Sneakerhead University is the premier institution for mastering the world of sneaker culture.

You can enroll to explore the rich history and cultural impact. You can also create your own design on a pair of white sneakers. The campus serves as a dynamic hub where passion and creativity converge, transforming sneaker enthusiasts into true connoisseurs.

First, you will explore 12 rooms that are a part of the exhibit. Each tells a unique story of how sneakers have left a mark on culture: from the iconic styles of Kanye West, to the influence of hip-hop, from Travis Scott, to the legendary legacy of Michael Jordan.

But learning doesn't end there.

At Sneakerhead University, you become the creator of your own narrative, by designing your own pair of sneakers that you bring to the workshop. There are endless amounts of colors and materials. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. It's more than just footwear; it's a canvas for self-expression.

"Sneakers are something we feel everyone can relate to, and everyone has a story, no matter what your background is, no matter what your tax bracket is. Everyone can relate. We all have a story of nostalgia when it comes to shoes," said Shay Belvin, the co-founder of Sneakerhead University. "Whether you're a fan of the sneakers that were released in-store, or a fan of the pair you end up creating, all in all, you do immerse yourself in sneaker culture and its history."

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Sneakerhead University has quickly become popular in the community, drawing in people from all walks of life. Shay Belvin and Michael Branch are the masterminds behind Sneakerhead University. Their journey started off as two college students wanting to create a unique business that would speak to both of their passions. Belvin has a passion for arts and Branch has a passion for sneakers. They chose to establish their venture in Chicago, believing it to be the mecca for sneaker culture.

"The sneaker culture started here in 1984; that's when the first Air Jordan ever came out. It was released in 1985, and it's the biggest sneaker of all time," Branch said.

If you're ever downtown Chicago in the city's Loop and want to step into the vibrant world of sneakers, and discover how they're more than just footwear, enroll in Sneakerhead University.

Visit or follow them on Instagram @shu.experience.