Love is in the air: Where to find love in food, art and music in LA

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Sunday, July 30, 2017
Patricia Lopez enjoying a delicious dinner at Playa Amor.
Patricia Lopez enjoying a delicious dinner at Playa Amor.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- We love L.A. and love is in the air. We're starting off at Chef Tommy Ortega's new Playa Amor in Long Beach, then we're catching up with the one and only Art Laboe about his radio show. We also find out how artist Ramon Ramirez's love for L.A. helps make his work so beautiful.

We'll take you Downtown to indulge in a few cocktails made with love at Bar Am and lastly, we're learning more about a big issue hitting the city we love hard right now - homelessness. Find out about L.A. on Cloud 9 and how they're helping those in need, and photojournalist Pablo Unzueta who's helping put the spotlight on this growing problem.

Playa Amor

Chef Tommy Ortega is all about sharing the love at his delicious "amor" themed restaurants. He brings his culinary skills back to his hometown of Cerritos with a gourmet twist on Mexican culinary staples and comfort food favorites at Amor Y Tacos. And now, he's opening a new spot with a nod to seafood, called Playa Amor in Long Beach.

Art Laboe

He's a radio legend in L.A. Everyone remembers his love dedications show. Now, he's back on the air on 93.5 KDAY. You can hear The Art Laboe Connection on KDAY-FM ever Sunday, 6 p.m.-12 a.m. Art Laboe and KDAY will be hosting an "Old School" concert in April at The Greek Theatre L.A. Details will be announced very soon on KDAY!

Artist Ramon Ramirez

His colorful pieces make you fall in love with L.A. over and over again. To hear him talk about the palm trees, makes you understand why this L.A. native can't imagine living anywhere else besides SoCal. His hometown has been the inspiration for many of his cityscape and skyline paintings; it's clear that he has a profound love for L.A.

Bar Ama

Los Amantes and the Pomegranate Margarita are two specialty drinks made with love in mind at Chef Josef Centano's Bar Am on 4th Street in DTLA. Los Amantes is a trio of mezcals served with a grapefruit chaser, perfect to share with your love. The Pomegranate Margarita is light and sweet, made with fresh pomegranates and Thai basil syrup, with a rim of Himalayan salt. (And it pairs deliciously with Bar Am's famous puffy taco.)

LA on Cloud 9

LA on Cloud 9 is a non-profit organization helping those in desperate need and homeless. They assist people, families, children and even animals.

Documentary Photographer

Chilean-American Pablo Unzueta is a Documentary Photojournalist here in L.A. Through the lens of his camera, Pablo captures beauty in pain, photographing one of L.A.'s most serious problems- homelessness. As an Instagram pro, he gives the homeless a presence on social media, reminding all of us that there are people out there in desperate need of help. With the love of Los Angeles and its people at heart, he hopes to continue to raise awareness about homelessness.

Follow him on Instagram: @pablounzueta_

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