Secret Santa pays off $65,000 layaway balance at Walmart

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Friday, December 13, 2019
'Secret Santa' pays off everyone's layaway at Alabama Walmart
A 'Secret Santa' paid off the entire layaway balance, totaling $65,000, at a Walmart.

ANNISTON, ALA. -- They say it's better to give than to receive and that never rings truer than during the holiday season.

That same Christmas spirit was alive in one anonymous donor, a "Secret Santa" who paid off around $65,000 in layaway balances at a Walmart in Anniston, Alabama.

Shoppers at this Walmart won't forget this gesture anytime soon. Hannah Haynes walked into the store during her lunch break to pick up gifts for her children and left speechless.

"I said I just wanna check and see how much I owe on my layaway so I can get it off in time for Christmas," Haynes told WBMA. "She said 'okay.' So she pulled up my account and she said 'you don't owe anything.' I said 'excuse me?'"

To Hannah's disbelief, the cashier was right.

"She said, 'yeah, he came in and he paid off everyone's layaway totaling $65,000."

The donor asked for one thing in return.

"The only thing he asked was that each person receives this paper - it reads "God loves you. Jesus paid the price."

Hannah says she wants to use her recent bit of good fortune to extend kindness to others.

"Every day I'm gonna wake up like, how can I bless someone? How can I show someone that type of love?"