'We Live Here: The Midwest' spotlights small town LGBTQ+ experiences

In communities resistant to change, these LGBTQ+ families must boldly face a growing wave of discrimination.

ByAmy Becker OTRC logo
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
'We Live Here: The Midwest' spotlights small town LGBTQ+ experiences
'We Live Here: The Midwest' shares the experiences of five LGBTQ+ families as they navigate their lives in Midwestern small towns

LOS ANGELES -- "We Live Here: The Midwest'' follows several LGBTQ+ families as they work to find their place in the rural Midwest, despite a growing wave of discrimination.

The documentary follows families with deep roots in Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota, who have been ousted from their neighborhoods, schools and churches, yet with the utmost courage, build circles of acceptance and compassion.

Mario and Monte Foreman-Powell, a gay, Black couple, were outcasts in their Nebraska community. "Although we went through the things that we have, we still keep our faith and there are places that are welcoming," Monte shared with On The Red Carpet.

Katie Chiaramonte, a subject of the documentary who spent years in organized religion, had to navigate her new life as her wife came out as trans and they were expelled from their church.

"We're finding community all over the place and it's not just based on one belief system, but we can love everyone and that's a bigger, broader spirituality than we could've ever asked for," she said.

Despite the hardships these families faced, it has not stopped them from sharing their stories and fighting for policy that protects LGBTQ+ lives.

"We Live Here: The Midwest" premieres on December 6 on Hulu.

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