Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania is on a mission to save animals

ByTodd Haas Localish logo
Thursday, September 14, 2023
Pennsylvania Wolf Sanctuary is on a mission to save animals
The PA Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz Pennsylvania provides a safe place, food and socialization for rescued wolves.

LITITZ, Pa. -- The Wolf Sanctuary of PA is known as one of the largest wolf sanctuaries in the country.

It is home to 56 Gray Wolves and Wolf-dogs.

The 501c non-profit rescues these animals from all sorts of conditions, including abuse cases, private pet owners and also zoos.

The goal is for these majestic animals to live out the remainder of their lives on the 80-acre sanctuary.

The staff, which includes numerous volunteers, caters to the wolves' every need.

They provide them with nutritious diets, comfortable habitats, and carefully selected socialization with other wolves.

Group tours are offered at the sanctuary on specific days, along with privately scheduled tours where visitors are given the chance to see these beautiful animals.

Details about touring days and times can be found on the sanctuary's website.

Since the Sanctuary is a non-profit, they rely heavily on guided tours as well as donations from their various supporters.

They say they could not have been around for 40 years without the generous support from the community.

Currently, they are trying to raise funds to build onto a stallion pen that has been on the property since the late 1700s.

The plan is to turn the structure into an onsite veterinary suite to tend to all of the animals' needs.

More information about the PA Wolf Sanctuary can be found on their website.