Woman poops inside Washington store, buys baby wipes, leaves

LONGVIEW, Wash. (KABC) -- A mystery woman walked into a store in Washington, pooped, bought baby wipes and left.

It's a disgusting story of a woman who went No. 2 in aisle one.

Employees at the Prospector Liquidation Store in Longview, Washington, said the woman walked into the business on Tuesday around noon, reports KATU-TV.

"I saw her come in. She said, 'Hi,' and went off shopping, and then I really didn't see her again until she came up to check out," said an employee.

The woman paid cash for some rubber gloves and, ironically, baby wipes. She then left the store - and she also left something behind -- poop.

"It was just weird. After we've seen the video, we were like...and then she bought stuff," said another worker. "I went over there by the tarps and you couldn't miss it."

When the workers reviewed surveillance video, they saw the woman, who was wearing medical scrubs, make her way to aisle one, squat and defecate. The employees said the woman didn't even ask to use the bathroom.

Under Longview's municipal code, it's illegal to relieve yourself where "such act could be observed by any member of the public." The crime is a misdemeanor.

Police are trying to identify the woman, who they feel may strike again.
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