World's largest snow maze nearly doubles in size to allow for social distancing

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Monday, February 22, 2021
World's largest snow maze open for visitors
GIANT SNOW MAZE: Visitors to the world's largest snow maze in Canada now have more room to get lost.

ST. ADOLPHE, Manitoba -- A snow maze in Canada, known as the world's largest, is even bigger this year to make sure everyone has enough room for social distancing.

"A Maze in Corn" earned itself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2019.

"With COVID and everything, we wanted to make it bigger. And so this year, it's about 91 percent bigger than the world's largest title that we hold now," said co-owner Angie Masse.

The massive labyrinth in Manitoba took six weeks to build. It includes wider paths to give people more room for people to pass safely.

"We love outdoor entertainment," said Masse. "We run the corn maze in the summer and the Sunflower Expo. And as we get to fall, we have the hunted forest. Then we are like, we need to do something in the wintertime. We love mazes. Now we are into snow mazing!"

For many who have been quarantined in their homes and dealing with travel restrictions, it's a chance to stretch their legs and add a little adventure.