Natural Product Expo brings all things natural to huge crowd in Anaheim

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- New Hope's Natural Product Expo had more than 80,000 people and 3,100 exhibits from mom and pop shops to big businesses.

"This is our new salsa verde popcorn, it's superfood, it's probiotic," said Living Intention's Geri Logan.

Retailers looking for the next best thing, manufacturers vying for their attention.

There was a lot of bone broth and even some vinegars that are meant for drinking.

Coconut remains a "hot property." Surf pro Laird Hamilton's superfood creamer aligns with the bullet proof philosophy of butter and coconut in coffee. He ups that by adding turmeric.

"To put nutrient-dense ingredients in your coffee is such a perfect place because so many Americans start their day with that," Hamilton said.

From non-GMO to sugar, much of natural portrays what isn't included, and foods free of allergens are extremely popular.

"One in three people are avoiding gluten, one in 13 kids in a classroom has a food allergy," Molly Hamilton said.

Kansas City Royals dietitian Mitzi Dulan produced nutrition nuggets she fed the team during the World Series - protein cookies with probiotics.

"Not only is that going to help support that utilization of the protein, but it also helps to support immune health and digestive health," Dulan said of her "Simply Fuel" cookies.

Celebrating 39 years, the four-day conference resembled a multi-page menu - too much to digest with plenty of confusion and hype.

But one thing is clear: the business of "natural" is financially healthy.

Which is why dietitian Ashley Koff tells you to watch out.

"The front of the package is a lot like a dating profile. They're just going to tell you what they think you want to hear and what they want you to hear," Koff said.
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