More car brands adding family-size SUVs to their lineups

For 2020, there's yet another large crossover SUV on the market, with plenty of room inside.

The new Kia Telluride is the brand's first foray into bigger size crossovers. They have done a large SUV before: The Borrego from 2009. But that old-style SUV on a truck chassis was the wrong vehicle for the wrong time, and was a sales flop. The Borrego only lasted one model year.

Now, with a clean-sheet modern design, buyers with growing families who need more interior space and have grown to like the Kia brand can trade up. The Telluride could also lure new Kia buyers.

It has a vaguely familiar look, appearing to be from a premium brand. Some people thought the SX trim was a new version of the Range Rover. Others thought it looked like a Volvo XC90, which is purely intentional.

Kia's design team wanted to make sure the new model would stand out in a crowded field. The Telluride is going up against mainstays such as the Chevy Traverse, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander.

Bold styling, available luxury and available tech features could help the Telluride stand out. Prices range from about $32,000 to more than $45,000, depending on trim level and options.

The SUV segment, in general, is a hot commodity right now. Within that overall segment, there are two segments that are especially hot: The smaller ones, for people who don't necessarily have to worry about carrying lots of kids around. And the larger ones, for those who do.

Most premium car brands are going big when it comes to SUVs as well.

BMW has sold the X5 model for nearly 20 years, and even squeezed in a third row along the way, even though the last row barely had room for small kids.

But BMW's new X7 is a true three-row vehicle from the get-go. Optional performance and technology are there if you want them. And a lofty sticker price is there too, whether you want that or not.

The particular xDrive50i model is loaded to the gills, and its total MSRP blows past the hundred grand mark. Buyers can get the same vehicle with a six-cylinder engine and fewer features starting in the mid-$70,000 range.

Not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz is upping its three-row game, as well. The next GLS model was recently unveiled at the New York Auto Show. The 2020 GLS is a complete re-do, and should be in showrooms late this year, with a steep sticker price of its own.

The three-row SUV club keeps adding members. Keep in mind, even if you don't need a third row most of the time, the space is also handy for carrying things beside riders. Many buyers also choose them for the ample cargo room when the third row seat is folded down.
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