'Come for a job, stay for a career': Ralphs hiring more than 500 workers in Southern California

With soaring unemployment rates and so many people looking for work, Ralphs discusses current job openings and what it entails to join their team.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020
Ralphs hiring 500 workers to serve in SoCal community
GROCERY MARKET JOBS: Ralphs grocery store is looking to fill more than 500 positions, employee benefits include the "Feed Your Future" program for those seeking to advance their education.

Unemployment rates have surged and so many people are out of work, but we're committed to helping people get back on their feet - through our ABC7 Solutions: SoCal Jobs campaign.

Dwight Bimber with Ralphs joined ABC7 via Skype to discuss opportunities with the grocery company.

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What are some of the higher demand positions at Ralph's?

"Currently right now mostly what we call courtesy clerks, and then we have the pick-up service and then overnight stocking - stocking the shelves," said Bimber.

What about part-time work? And is this a good time for those students who are not in school, like college students, to apply?

"Absolutely. We mostly hire for part-time, but we do have some full-time positions, but mostly part-time. And we love students. You know, we have a program called, "Feed Your Future." It's one of the benefits. And an associate can earn up to $3,500 a year, $21,000 over a lifetime for college tuition," said Bimber.

What's the best way for someone to see if there's an open position that might be a good fit for them?

"Just go to jobs.ralphs.com and fill out an application." said Bimber. "We want to connect with that associate."

Any tips for those applying?

"The biggest thing is it's the people's business, we serve our communities and it's having that connection with the people in the community, so looking for those people that are uplifted in that way and can reach out to customers," said Bimber.

Are people getting frustrated with not being able to find a job?

"No, I think you know we've hired over about 4,500 currently since the pandemic started and we're currently looking still probably for another 500+. So pretty much if you fill out a job online, we will connect with you as fast as we can, but we are still looking and we go from San Luis Obispo down to San Diego County." said Bimber.

What if there's a college student with no work experience, do you offer any training?

"Find candidate for this. You know, I've been with this company for 38 years. It was a part-time job. We kind of have a saying around here 'you come for a job and stay for a career.' So absolutely we do all the training and everything. And you move up from within," said Bimber.

How are you keeping employees safe?

"I think, you know, as far as the supermarket industry as a whole, we do a great job of keeping our stores clean. But now that we have the current situation - obviously we put a plastic glass in between our cashiers, we pass our masks and gloves on every shift and we're constantly cleaning. We train our new associates, new hires, you know, what we are looking for and that's wash your hands - that simple thing every 30 minutes," said Bimber.

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