Anabel Munoz
Anabel Munoz is a general assignment reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles.

Anabel was born and raised in Los Angeles -- a city she loves for its people, diversity, beauty and influence. She is a graduate of Biola University, where she majored in journalism and minored in biblical studies.

Anabel came to ABC7 from Noticias MundoFOX 22, where she worked as an anchor and reporter. She began her career as a news assistant and assignment editor at KMEX Univision Los Angeles before reporting for Univision Palm Springs.

Anabel is passionate about participating in community events, public affairs reporting, and sharing stories about the homeless and special needs community.

She is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants and was compelled to become a journalist at an early age -- Anabel believes in the power of journalism to inspire, change the world and be a voice for those most in need.

Some of Anabel's favorite things include Sundays, beach days, swimming, all things Italian, and burgers and fries.

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Anabel's Stories
Whiter, richer areas in LA have more access to COVID-19 testing - but the gap may be narrowing
Communities of color both in LA and many major cities have less access to COVID-19 testing than white residents living in wealthier areas, data show.
Father, mother in Mexico fight for right to visit son battling cancer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
A young man is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, possibly with just weeks to live due to cancer. His parents in Mexico have fought for the right to see him, even getting help from a U.S. senator.
Distance learning: LAUSD report finds disparities in online participation during COVID pandemic
Students of color and low-income families are taking hits on all fronts during the COVID-19 pandemic, including when it comes to distance learning.
Nonprofit seeks to increase access and diversity in private schools
A local nonprofit is working to help students in under-served communities gain access to private schools.
Andres Guardado case: Labor union calls for independent investigation as sheriff's former chief of staff 'reassigned'
Unite Here Local 11 union members and a coalition of groups continue rallying in solidarity with the family of Andres Guardado, an 18-year-old man who was fatally shot by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy.
More LA County school districts opting for distance learning ahead of new school year
From Long Beach to Burbank, more school districts in the L.A. area will remain online as officials consider the risk of COVID-19 spreading on campus.
Gov. Newsom orders major reopening rollback in attempt to control rampant COVID-19 spread
Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered several sectors to once again shut down Monday amid an increasingly concerning coronavirus surge.
Students in special education programs navigate distance learning through COVID-19 pandemic
Five-year-old Owen is enrolled in a special education preschool program, and when schools were forced to transition to distance learning, it was a new challenge.
Early childhood education, care programs struggle to provide services, stay afloat amid COVID-19
Private and government-subsidized early childhood education programs are adapting to an ongoing pandemic, along with the families they are trying to serve.
Lawyers, family of San Quentin inmate with sickle cell make clemency plea after COVID-19 diagnosis
Lawyers and family members are making a plea to Gov. Gavin Newsom to free a San Quentin inmate with sickle cell disease, making the case that he is especially vulnerable after he tested positive for COVID-19.