Anabel Munoz
Anabel Munoz is a general assignment reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, covering Race and Culture. She is dedicated to surfacing stories about the most vulnerable, underrepresented and marginalized in the communities we serve.

Anabel was born and raised in Los Angeles -- a city she loves for its people, diversity, beauty and influence. She is a graduate of Biola University, where she majored in journalism and minored in biblical studies.

Anabel came to ABC7 from Noticias MundoFOX 22, where she worked as an anchor and reporter. She began her career as a news assistant and assignment editor at KMEX Univision Los Angeles before reporting for Univision Palm Springs.

Anabel is passionate about participating in community events, public affairs reporting, and sharing stories about the homeless and special needs community.

She is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants and was compelled to become a journalist at an early age -- Anabel believes in the power of journalism to inspire, change the world and be a voice for those most in need.

Some of Anabel's favorite things include Sundays, beach days, swimming, all things Italian, and burgers and fries.

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Anabel's Stories
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Prospero Serna, who lives in San Bernardino County, has been arrested for murder and child abuse.
CA lawmakers, hospitals step up efforts to protect lives of Black women during childbirth
Black women experience the highest rates of maternal mortality and California lawmakers are looking to make sure new laws are enforced to protect their lives.