Satisfy cravings without blowing your diet

(KABC) Take a look at some lower calorie options that will curb the craving while fooling your taste buds.

Making a swap doesn't have to be boring. No one grabbing a carrot when looking for a crunchy chip will truly be satisfied. Often times it is as simple as having a smaller portion of a similar food.

Rather than a 280 calorie snickers bar try a mini candy bar or one piece of really good chocolate like See's Candy that's about 80 calories. Pairing fruit and chocolate is a brilliant idea, as the fruit lowers the calorie while upping the water and fiber quotient.

A mini bag of popcorn beats out a serving of chips. It's 110 calories rather than 240 calories or more, along with a bit of fiber.

A serving of premium cookie dough ice cream is 240 calories and 14 fat grams. Yet Skinny Cow's vanilla caramel cone is only 150. Even a Starbucks tall Frappucino light is a frosty sipper for ten calories less calories than the cone.

If you want a baked treat swap the big brownie or monster cookie for a couple mini chocolate chip cookies as the bigger size which can easily run 400 to 500 calories.

Finally, when you need that burger go for a standard burger instead of a big beefy cheesy option. A smaller burger can run about 250 calories while a double cheeseburger can add 740 calories for the day. Get beefy satisfaction and a bit of bun without the guilt.

If you're going for those 100 calorie packs to keep you honest, they're great for portion control, but bad on the wallet. Better yet, invest in some sandwich bags. That way you can have the same great product for a lot less cash.

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