Get ready for a wet and chilly weekend

LA VERNE The city of La Verne got a break from the rain Friday morning, but not from the cold temperatures. Residents battled 49 degree temperatures Friday. Locals bundled up in winter coats and made their coffee runs before heading off to work.

"It is chilly and it looks like it is going to keep on raining, but I love it," said Pearl Alvarado, La Verne resident.

"This is Southern California and look I am wearing long pants, long sleeves and I am wearing my gortex jacket. I should be in sandals, shorts with my cargo pockets, but not this," said Jeff Gilbert, Diamond Bar resident.

Overnight the rain fell heavily at times in parts of Southern California. The rain started Thursday night, from the pier of Santa Monica to the streets of Fountain Valley.

The storm is being blamed for some major problems on the roads Thursday night. In Carson, the rain-slick roads caused two drivers to lose control of their cars and slam into each other.

There was also a four car pileup on the 405 near Marina Del Rey. The CHP says that they responded to nearly 100 accidents in L.A. county Friday morning.

"It is frustrating to those of us who are commuters because we know that six drops of rain on the freeway will cause an hour and half additional traffic. That is the part that is unfortunate," said Peter Hidalgo, La Verne resident.

Drivers for now have a break from the rain, but most people are preparing for more rain.

"I had a friend visiting me the other day from Seattle and I told him that he brought the rain. He told me that everyone gets depressed when it rains and I agree with him. I told him that he needed to take the weather back with him. He is not leaving to the end of the weekend so maybe that is why it is going to be raining for the rest of the weekend," said Amy Abrams, Pasadena resident.

The roads are slick and the California Highway Patrol is urging drivers to slow down and drive smart.


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