More homeowners victims of mortgage fraud

This consumer group believes shady realtors, greedy mortgage brokers, worthless appraisers, and careless escrow companies are to blame for why some homeowners are facing foreclosure. And that through no fault of their own these victims were taken by mortgage fraud.

K.B. Forbes is with Consejo de Latinos Unidos, a non-profit organization investigating mortgage fraud.

He believes Ruben Preciado and his family are victims.

Ruben bought a home in Moreno Valley in 2004 for more than $200,000, which seemed high, but the appraisal confirmed it. That was Ruben's first problem.

Ruben's next problem was the mortgage sold to him at 6.25 percent interest, which adjusted to over 9 percent.

At the loan document signing, there was no notary present, required with all mortgages. Another problem, and Ruben wanted out.

K.B. Forbes and his group believe many bad mortgages are not necessarily the fault of the buyer, and in Ruben's case blames everyone from the realtor to the lender to the appraiser. He says many others are facing the same problems and could use some help.

And that toll-free number for help with your mortgage is (800) 474-7576 and their services are free.

Consejo de Latinos Unidos


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