'Dancing' stars prep for elimination night

LOS ANGELES The ice skater and the football player danced to near perfection Monday night. But in Week 2 of this competition, no one wants to be tackled just yet.

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"I feel like a mama bear protecting my student," said Anna Trebunskaya. After two weeks, Steve Guttenberg and his partner are tied for 9th place with Adam Carolla and his partner, Julianne Hough.

"Look out, because we're nipping at your heels," said Carolla. "Sure it's ninth this week. Next week? Pow!"

At the top of the dance chain, Kristi Yamaguchi, Mario and Jason Taylor are currently the judges' top three.

"I think both of our work ethics go well together," said Yamaguchi. "And he's a perfectionist. I don't mind him picking out all the details. And we'll work at it. It's fine."

"It's definitely very flattering to be at the top and have great scores and great kind of level of dancing but at the same time, there's still a lot of room for improvement," said Karina Smirnoff of R&B star Mario.

"I admire so much something what I call a 'champion attitude,'" said Edyta Sliwinska about Jason Taylor. "He's great in football and he proves to me he brings the same attitude here." Attitude is part of the game.

"Fourth place? Not bad for the deaf broad!" exclaimed Marlee Matlin.

"And the rookie! And the rookie!" said partner Fabian Sanchez.

Priscilla Presley oozed attitude in her feline-like crawl at the end of her dance.

"She asked, 'Can I please crawl? I really want to crawl!'" said Louis van Amstel.

"Oh, that's such a lie! You are so bad!" said Presley.

What's good? The good times the contestants are clearly having.

"We put in the hours and I'm just glad it showed," said Shannon Elizabeth. "I'm glad it came out."

"The critique was nice. You know, they said good things. They just didn't give good scores. That's why people have to vote," said Cristian de la Fuente.

"And I'm just, 'Aaah! This is awesome.' We're ballroom dancing!" said Marissa Jaret Winokur.

The two at the bottom of the judges' leader board are Monica Seles and Penn Jillette.

"This show is all about improvement," said Jonathan Roberts. "And for me, Monica really improved from the very beginning when we met and from last week, so it should have been a little better in the marks."

"I'm 6' 7", I have broken feet, I have bad knees, I'm 53 years old," said Penn Jillette. "If they came out and said, 'This is the greatest dance I ever saw,' it would look like they'd gone insane."

Tuesday night is the first elimination round. One male star and one female star will be going home.

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