Scrapbookers put cutter to the test

BURBANK Scrapbooking requires a lot of cutting of fancy cardstock paper with precise cutting tools. But as you'll see, the Craft Lite Cutter needs a little sharpening.

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Professional scrapbookers are constantly cutting paper for their creative projects. They use heavy duty, specialized cutters for precision slicing of fancy cardstock paper.

On TV and on the Web, the Craft Lite Cutter claims to make the perfect cut every time, using a first-of-its-kind built-in backlight to show exactly where to make the cut. But does it really work?

Once Upon a Page is a popular scrapbooking store in Burbank. Three professional scrappers there put the Craft Lite Cutter to the test.

Store owner Joanne Miller was the first with the Craft Lite Cutter. After getting it out of the box, putting in the three AA batteries (that are not included), and installing one of the six cutting heads, Joanne was ready to slice away.

Next it was Marcia's turn, and once she got used to it she too had little trouble. But at first, she just tried straight cuts. The Craft Lite Cutter is supposed to do fancy cuts like zig zags. So Marissa changed cutting heads and went for the zigs and the zags.

With thin paper, it seemed to cut just fine. But most scrappers use thicker cardstock. When Marissa tried it on thicker stock, the cutter jams. When it does slide easily, the results show the paper is not cut much at all.

What about the backlight? Our professionals cut to the quick.

"I wasn't really pleased with it. I didn't find that you could see the light through real dark cardstock. We really us a lot of dark cardstock to matte a lot of our pictures," said Joanne.

So it's a cutter that doesn't cut, and a backlight that doesn't shine through thick paper. That's enough for all three of our professionals to say they would not buy the product.


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