L.A. Film Festival starts 10-day run

WESTWOOD, Calif. "Wanted" opens next week, but it just opened the L.A. Film Festival. Many of the press at the premiere "wanted" to talk to star James McAvoy, but he must not have "wanted" to do much talking. The festival's director did.

"So we're screening over 200 movies this year at the festival and most of those films are from around the world and from out of Hollywood," said festival director Rich Raddon. "And so by bringing these young filmmakers into Hollywood, into Los Angeles, we really give them an opportunity to get discovered by the industry."

"You can watch things and see that there's something interesting about them, but the films we love just rise to the surface," said Rachel Rosen, director of programming of the festival.

"Paper or Plastic?" is an example of that. It's one of the documentaries in the festival, and it's about a grocery-bagging competition.

"These people just love what they do," said Alex D. da Silva, "Paper or Plastic?" director. "They love, they have the techniques, they're dedicated. It's about courtesy. It's about doing the best you can in whatever you love."

"American Teen" is another featured documentary. This one's about seniors at a high school in Indiana who are now in L.A. for their movie.

"We grew up in a small Indiana town, you know?" said Colin Clemens from "American Teen". "We have no idea what this kind of life is like, so this is pretty intense being here and I just never pictured it, being here and making it this far, I guess."

"American Teen" will be in theaters in late July.

And at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre Friday night as part of the festival: "Swear-A-Long Scarface." It's for adults only.

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