Wind scatters Torrance man's money

TORRANCE, Calif. Ludwig Geier was walking out of the South Bay Bank in Torrance on Monday, holding an envelope with over $1,000 in cash.

"It fell down right here. And the wind took it up right away. It took it, like, out of the envelope ... all the bills it took out of the envelope," said Ludwig. "And they all went up in the air, you know."

The money went across the street, under cars, and into shrubs.

"Twenty dollar bills, fifties and hundreds ... I had a few you know," said Ludwig.

Nearly a dozen people grabbed the money and handed it back to Ludwig. When all the cash was returned, he was only missing $180.

"Well, I'm sure grateful to all of those people. I thank them a hell of a lot, you know," said Ludwig.

"It's nice that he retrieved the majority of his money and we're all having fun at the same time," said Jill Fatal, South Bay Bank.

"It makes you believe in people, you know. It's really, really uplifting," said Ludwig.

Ludwig says the reason he took the money out was because he was going on vacation to Las Vegas.


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