Son of bear attack victim speaks out

WESTWOOD, Calif. Alec Newman was accompanied by his mother's doctors. Newman spoke about his mother's continuing recovery.

"The friends and family of Allena Hansen would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Piute Mountain Substation of the Kern County Fire Department for keeping their heads while she was in the process of losing hers; the Mojave Mercy Airlift for their really, really cool helicopter ride into the city...which she, unfortunately was unable to enjoy...but the company was still great; and, of course, the wonderful staff here at UCLA Medical Center for their professionalism, their fine good humor, and their successful efforts to protect what's left of her dignity during her recent misadventure," said Alec Newman, Hansen's son.

Allena Hansen was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center last week after she was attacked by a bear in the Piute Mountains.

Hansen was walking with her dogs on her property when the 150-pound black bear attacked.

Hansen suffered severe cuts to her hands and face, but still managed to drive herself to a local fire station where she was initially treated.

The Department of Fish and Game searched for the bear for days, but have since called off the search. They are, however, awaiting results from DNA evidence. Officials say they do not know if and when they will resume search for the bear. Fish and Game officials say it helped that Hansen had her two dogs with her.

Hansen was treated by a team of surgeons at UCLA. She has been released from the hospital's care. She is apparently doing as well as she can while recovering at an undisclosed location.


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