Green jobs boom in weak economy

"We've doubled the number of projects we've did in 2007," said Michelle Greenfield from Third Sun Solar & Wind Power.

Greenfield and her husband run a business that installs solar and wind-powered systems.

"Last year was the first year we exceeded $1 million in sales. Previous year, it was $600,000," she said.

Greenfield said it was her lifestyle choice about 10 years ago that led her to where she is.

Water Resource Specialist Kari Mackenbush is not new to the environmental movement, but what is new is how she's perceived when she talks about green solutions for flooding problems.

"I don't get laughed at any more," she said with a chuckle. "I get people listening up."

Her company's revenue from green water projects has gone up 50 percent in the past year.

Another way Mackenbush is using a green idea to save the planet is using rain water to water her garden.

"If you're recapturing the rain water on site and reusing it, you're doing a huge thing for the environment," she said.

Just about anyone with any type of degree or training can become a green collar worker.

Solar energy technicians earn about $40,000 a year, and sustainable design architects bring in about $120,000. Other hot green jobs include environmental lawyers, fuel cell entrepreneurs and environmental engineers.


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