Tricks to give your wrists some relief

Women are three times more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome than men. Generally from overuse, it's a pain in the wrist. If you have two minutes, here's a few ways to put the breaks on those irritating aches.

Driving, typing, and texting - all these actions put us in a position that can inflame the wrist making it uncomfortable to perform everyday tasks. Due to repetition or even poor body mechanics numbness, tingling, and pain can occur.

At the desk good posture is vital. Slouching can affect the chest and shoulder areas that pull on nerves in the neck, which eventually run down the arm to the wrist. So sit up straight with feet flat. Position the keyboard slightly lower than elbows to arms extend 90 to 110 degrees.

If texting is a habit, occasionally use fingers rather than thumbs to break up use and let various hand muscles recover.

It's also important to pay attention to your form at the gym. Lifting weight that is too heavy may cause a bend in the wrist, or even an uncomfortable position when using tubing. Weights or tubing, watch your form to maintain a "neutral" wrist.

When doing a push-up, picture a marble under each palm while firmly pressing outstretched fingers tips on the floor. Actually doing anything that involves flattening your hands with excessive weight can compress the carpal tunnel nerve. So maintain space in the palm and put a lot of pressure in fingertips.

Finally, long drives can also be challenging to the wrist with wheel vibration and improper posture. Position your seat height so your arms are bent 60 degrees. If you're driving longer than one hour, it's recommended you pull over and stretch.


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