Police seek gunman in Anaheim murder

ANAHEIM, Calif. People who knew Isaac Rodriguez are shocked and saddened by what happened. Every single day, he used to walk from the corner bus stop to his home. Tuesday night, he was shot and killed on his way home. Police are asking for witnesses to come forward to help solve the case.

Police say there were at least two suspects, and one was driving a late-model light-colored Toyota.

Anaheim police and Rodriguez's family members say Isaac Rodriguez didn't deserve to die like he did.

"Just minding his own business, trying to be something in the world, trying to learn English, had his books, just trying to come up," said Jimmy Gallindo, a nephew of the victim.

Jimmy Gallindo mourns the loss of his uncle, 51-year-old Isaac Rodriguez. Rodriguez had just gotten off the bus from his job at a grocery store and was walking to his home near Lorraine and Anaheim, as he did every day. That's when suspects targeted him for what police believe was an attempted robbery.

Neighbors say they heard the gunshots.

"I heard four -- boom boom boom boom -- I thought it was firecrackers," said Daniel Arellanes, one of the victim's neighbors.

"They were trying to get his bag, I guess," said Gallindo. "He was trying to defend himself."

"We need help solving this case. This is an individual that didn't deserve this," said Anaheim Police Sergeant Tim Schmidt. "He was just walking home from work. He has a family. We need the public's assistance on this one."

Paramedics were called to the scene, but it was too late. Rodriguez was already dead. His nephew says he was a hard-working man who had a wife and adult daughter in Mexico. Neighbors who knew him said he never bothered anybody.

"I hope they catch them," said Arellanes. "I hope justice gets done."

If you have information regarding this case, you are asked to call Anaheim Police at (714) 765-1944. Police say there were at least two suspects, and one was driving a late-model light-colored Toyota.

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