Cool Kid Veasna Has opens minds to future

LONG BEACH, Calif. Veasna is a Cool Kid who volunteers at the Rancho Los Cerritos House Museum in Long Beach. Here she shows kids of all ages how the past is a big part of their present.

"I think it's cool for them to know the places where they're living now. It didn't just come out of nowhere, they all have an origin and it happens to be this place," said Veasna.

A 17-year-old senior at Long Beach Poly High School, Veasna is much younger than many of the tour guides. She sees her youth as an advantage.

"The kids are used to having older docents and if they see that I'm young, the shy ones aren't as scared to speak up or anything," said Veasna.

Every tour gives her a chance to enlighten and amaze.

"It's really fun when I'm giving a tour and the kids are really surprised to discover something, or to find something they never expected to find here," said Veasna.

Veasna sees this as a way for students to open their minds to future education.

"I want them to remember they can have fun learning," said Veasna. "This isn't just a boring old museum. They can actually be engaged in things and really discover things on their own."

Using the past to enhance the present and the years to come, she is our Cool Kid, Veasna Has.

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