Spectators stake out Rose Parade spots

PASADENA, Calif. It's the day before the Rose Parade, and businesses in Old Town Pasadena were busy getting ready early Wednesday, boarding up their windows in anticipation of the large parade crowds.

Spectator Nick Jordan said he had been staking out his spot on the parade route since Sunday night.

"We got 150 people coming, so hopefully they'll like it," Jordan said.

"It's worth it. It's more amazing to see it in person. You can see a lot more detail," said spectator Mike Batie.

Spectator Phil Cerda said he gets out to the route at 3:30 a.m. to save his spot.

"That's the strategy of this, try to get out here as early as possible. Usually I'm out here a little earlier, but I took my time today," Cerda said.

There will be thousands camped out Wednesday night along the route.

The rules of the parade route include:

  • No public areas may be condoned off
  • No tents, sofas, ladders, boxes, etc.
  • No walking in street
  • No bonfires
  • Stay on curb until 11 p.m. Wednesday

Fire officials set fire to a couch on Tuesday morning as part of a demonstration to show just how dangerous camping out can be.

Small barbecues are allowed, but they must be at least a foot off the ground, and visitors must bring a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher with it.

The Red Cross will have 13 first-aid stations along the parade route.

Officials warned people camping out of cold temperatures.

"We end up responding to hypothermia incidents," said Chief Dennis Downs, Pasadena Fire Department.

"People not only miss out on the parade the next day because they've been exposed to the cold too long, and they end up in the hospital, but they end up with a hospital bill on top of that," Downs said.

Also, leave your cigarettes at home. There is no smoking along the parade route.



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