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Hidden calories might be undoing your diet

January 14, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
With nutritional information readily available nowadays, it isn't too hard to get an adequate calorie count if you're paying attention. But it's pretty normal for us to overlook sneaky calories we have throughout the day. Here are some common pitfalls that might be keeping you from losing weight.

A trip to the coffee shop can add hundreds of calories. Even if you order a fat free, no whip beverage, you could be adding 200-300 calories to your cup. A grande nonfat, no whip mocha yields 220 calories.

Then there are the mini meals, or samples, at the market. From Costco to the deli or bakery, having a bite of cheese or a bit of a muffin can tack on 125 calories more.

Checking e-mail often means a time to munch. A couple handfuls of nuts, albeit heart healthy, provides 340 calories if you're not watching.

Feeding kids or making a box lunch are both diet killers. What your child leaves on his or her plate should not be finished off without a thought. One chicken nugget is 95 calories and a spoonful of mac n' cheese adds another 50, for a total of 145 calories.

All told, if this was your day, you would have consumed an extra 830 calories, more than one meal's worth and that's not counting breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So if you're really serious about watching your weight, make it a rule that nothing goes in your mouth unless you are sitting down and paying attention to it.