Are you eating the proper serving size?

Here's a look at the common portion distortions and the serving size you should be eating.

You may know that a 5-inch bagel is too much bread, but you may not know it equals five bread servings. If you just eat one half, you'll save nearly 200 calories.

If a morning muffin is your thing, you should weigh in before you dine. A 5-ounce muffin is often 500 calories or more. A 1.5-ounce muffin is the best way to make your meal healthier. It has less than 200 calories. You could also break your muffin up into thirds.

Many chain restaurants serve more than three cups of pasta on a plate. Many servings also come with bread and meatballs. If you eat the entire dish, you could end up taking in 1,100 calories. One cup of pasta and one meatball provides 330 calories.

While you may think, "All I had was one glass of wine," you still may need to reconsider what a glass really means. A typical glass of vino used to be 4 ounces. But now it is twice as much. So it's no surprise that it is also twice the calories, which are added calories to your meal.

For most meat lovers, nothing beats a juicy steak or big old cheeseburger. But rather than a 12-ounce ribeye or 8-ounce burger, try to eat 3 to 4 ounces. A palm-sized portion could cut your more than 600-calorie burger in half. As for the 900-plus calorie steak, divide it in thirds. If you're still hungry, have half a baked potato and as much salad as you'd like.

Americans are statistically the most obese people in the world. Experts say cutting back and making small changes can end up being a big difference in our weight.

So you don't have to stop eating the foods you love, but less on the plate generally means gaining less weight.



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