Stray cats take over I.E. mobile park

MIRA LOMA, Calif. For several years, the cat population had grown at the mobile home park. The feline population in the neighborhood is between 450 and 600 cats owned by the community. So neighbors and the county are getting together to limit the number of feline friends that roam the park.

The cats that end up in the park were usually abandoned, but fed by the many cat lovers in the area. However, once they started reproducing, problems arose. So residents have begun trapping the cats and county veterinarians have been spaying, neutering, micro-chipping and vaccinating them before they are returned home.

"It's a start," said volunteer Debbie Marsh. "It's about a fourth of the cats. We'll have 120 over these four days that we'll get taken care of. But there's another 400 out there."

Many residents had complained and are happy that something is being done.

"We have made a few complaints to the management," said Floyd Kammerer, a mobile park resident. "I think, through them, and the county of Riverside, have been able to come in here and do this thing."

All the cats being taken care of by county vets looked healthy and none were aggressive or appeared to be wild.

"We've got some caretakers that have agreed to feed the cats, to take care of them on a daily basis that that the residents have set up," said Rene Puselski, /*Riverside County Animal Services*/ coordinator. "It's really been a successful operation."

"By no more babies, the cats that are here can live healthier, happier lives," said Marsh.

All the cats are available for adoption at no cost. If you are interested in adopting, please call (951) 685-9020 or (951) 733-1516.



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