Man builds Pan Am 747 interior in garage

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. Take a tour of Anthony Toth's Redondo Beach condominium and you'll learn really fast that he has his head in the clouds.

"I have probably 400 or 500 aircraft models," said Toth. Hundreds of timetables, books." And piles and piles of pictures he's snapped over the past 30-some years.

"I actually started taking photos of the insides of airplanes when I was about five years old," said Toth.

The self-proclaimed "aviation geek" keeps it all on the upper floor of his home.

But downstairs, in the garage, his jumbo-sized obsession has become "jumbo-jet"-sized.

"This is the inside of the Pan Am 747 aircraft, bascially from the nose of the aircraft all the way through the first galley," said Toth.

The recreation is of a vintage 1980s version of the 747, complete with authentic seat covers, wall art, even Pan Am napkins and swizzle sticks.

The overhead bins are all operational, as are the headphones and intercom system.

"I don't actually do anything in moderation in my life," said Toth. "So you would call it sort of 'extreme collecting.'"

But Toth did't just stop at first-class seating. No, he's got coach seats toward the back, and the stairway that heads to the upper deck -- though he seems to have run out of room.

"If I could have an upper deck in my cabin, I would absolutely do it, but unfortunately I would have to cut a hole in my bedroom," said Toth.

And that won't be happening any time soon. Toth says 747 condos really aren't in big demand these days.

Plus, Toth's high-altitude hobby comes with an equally high price tag.

"I'm guessing I've spent at least $50,000 over the course of 20 years," said Toth.

All tucked away in a garage with a door that never opens.

"Most of my neighbors actually don't know, but I have a feeling they will after today," said Toth.

Toth's 7-"faux"-tee-7 will no longer be flying under the local radar.

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